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    By September 8, 2019 | ADCOLOR, Conference

    By Cole Habersham, ADCOLOR Content Team


    In addition to the ADCOLOR mission to rise up and reach back, every ADCOLOR conference comes with a theme to center our community around a core message. Last year’s Moment of Truth theme focused on the past and implored attendees to imagine and decide what they want their future to be.

    This year, we focus on action with the 2019 theme of Take a Stand. More than liking, sharing, or wearing a t-shirt, Take a Stand challenges us all to be the change we want to see across creative industries. What that change looks like varies person to person, as evidenced by the range of perspectives circulating at this year’s conference, but we all have a responsibility to act.

    The Take A Stand: Moments That Mattered panel discussed the most important moments in 2019 for inclusion and culture. Photography by Lisandra Vasquez.

    At the start of this year’s program, we caught up with ADCOLOR FUTURES, leaders, speakers, and guests to define what taking a stand means to them.

    ADCOLOR: What does #TakeAStand mean to you?

    Tiffany R. Warren, Founder & President, ADCOLOR and SVP, Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom: To be at peace with who you are and what you’re here for. It’s being calm and self-aware and accepting yourself.

    Criseli Saenz, Programs Manager at ADCOLOR and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Omnicom Group: Taking a stand means to stand up to the giants trying to take you down. It’s time to face them and remind them who’s the champion.

    Stephen Kim, Associate Director for Communication, Princeton University, ADCOLOR Board Member: Taking a stand means expressing your true identity and supporting others to express theirs.

    Sharon Cooper, Senior HR Business Partner, Facebook: Find a way to be a voice and not an echo.

    Nayantara Dutta, Content Strategist, McCann Worldgroup & Editorial Pod Co-Lead, ADCOLOR Content Team: Taking a stand means bringing your full self to every conversation. It’s spending your privilege to amplify other voices in the room and taking action even and especially when it’s uncomfortable.

    Maimouna Siby, Marketing Strategist at Squarespace and 2019 ADCOLOR Future: As a Black Muslim queer woman, taking a stand means being able to bring my full self into all of the work that I do so that everyone who comes behind me feels comfortable and prideful in doing the same.

    Carl Desir, Global Executive Director, Diversity & Inclusion, R/GA: “Take a Stand” means believing in something and fighting for what you know is right regardless of the consequences.

    Julian Soto, Copy Supervisor at Patients & Purpose and 2019 ADCOLOR Future: Standing in your truth unapologetically and not being afraid to speak power to your truth and give that platform to other people who may not have a voice. It’s not about calling people out, it’s about normalizing speaking the truth, whatever the case may be.

    Kai Deveraux Lawson, Producer and Host, Mixed Company Podcast and MyLifeOfKai.com: Speaking up for things that are important, whether they’re important to you or to someone else. It’s also ensuring that the people within your network recognize that significance and use it as an opportunity to show others respect.

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    Cover image by Erika Kapin.

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