THE ADCOLOR LEADERS “Elevating A New Generation of Leaders”

    ADCOLOR Leaders is a program to support historically excluded professionals in creative industries as they rise to executive roles. This program will feature cutting-edge workshops, discussions with thought leaders, and curated exercises encouraging self-exploration. Our aim is for participants to walk away from this program with a renewed sense of purpose, a reinvigorated approach to their work, and meaningful relationships to propel them to the next level.

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    Better work requires more diverse leadership. This is how we get there, and more importantly, how we stay there.


    At ADCOLOR 2023, ADCOLOR Leaders presents an intensive 1.5 day primer on world-class leadership practices that are innovative, purposeful, and truly inclusive.  Led by a roster of premier academics, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) leaders and visionary creatives, this course will share how the combined potential of creativity and leadership can lead to improved workflows, more innovative work and an increasingly equitable world.


    Packed full of thought leadership with tangible actions and outcomes, this short course offers invaluable insights to change your perspectives and accelerate your career in-real time, including lessons on how to:


    • Build a deep understanding of creative leadership through values and behaviours.

    • Lead with purpose, focusing on the triple bottom line.

    • Create networks and connections that last.


    Questions? Contact: leaders@adcolor.org

    General Inquiries: info@adcolor.org | 347.297.4407
    ©2023 ADCOLOR Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    General Inquiries: info@adcolor.org | 347.297.4407
    ©2023 ADCOLOR Inc. All Rights Reserved.