Advancements Explores How Diversity Fuels Innovation

    By December 9, 2020 | News

    Explore how inclusion and diversity is supporting the talent of tomorrow, today.


    Jupiter, FL— Scheduled to broadcast 1Q/2021, Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on how diversity and inclusion are enhancing creativity in the workplace.


    This segment of Advancements will look at how diversity fuels innovation and creativity throughout the workplace. Viewers will learn how bringing together different minds with diverse thoughts and experiences can help to create a more effective work environment and how embracing differences can encourage innovation and help creativity to flourish.


    With a focus on ADCOLOR, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and companies go above and beyond to make a difference in the creative and tech industries, Advancements will explore what ADCOLOR is doing to accomplish its goal of creating a community of diverse professionals who support and celebrate one another.


    Audiences will see how ADCOLOR helps individuals and organizations rise up, letting their accomplishments and ideas shine. The show will also explore how ADCOLOR then teaches these new leaders and would-be mentors how to reach back and find others who deserve to be noticed and promoted.


    “When I first started my career, it was hard to see myself – a Black woman – reflected in the industry around me, which is something many people of color can relate to, unfortunately,” said Tiffany R. Warren, Founder and President of ADCOLOR. “ADCOLOR was founded in 2005 to create a first-of-its-kind space for diverse professionals where their work could be recognized and their voices could be heard. It’s an honor to tell our story on Advancements and explore why the business case for diversity will always outweigh the business case for sameness.”


    In addition, Advancements will also touch on ADCOLOR FUTURES – a unique program that is dedicated to identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders in the advertising, marketing, media, and public relations industries. The segment will touch on what the program offers and will educate about its short- and long-term mentorship, as well as activities designed to inspire creativity and build camaraderie.


    “We look forward to highlighting progress in diversity and inclusion, and to educating the public about how it is impacting creative spaces for the better,” said Colin Ferguson, producer for the Advancements series.


    About ADCOLOR:
    ADCOLOR® is a not-for-profit 501(c) (6) organization whose mission is to celebrate and champion diversity in the creative industries. Our process is twofold. First, we help individuals and organizations RISE UP, letting their accomplishments and ideas shine. Then we teach these new leaders and would-be-mentors how to REACH BACK and find others who deserve to be noticed and promoted. Our goal is to create a community of diverse professionals who are here to support and uplift one another. Learn more by visiting www.adcolor.org.


    About Advancements and DMG Productions:
    The Advancements series is an information-based educational show targeting recent advances across a number of industries and economies. Featuring state-of-the-art solutions and important issues facing today’s consumers and business professionals, Advancements focuses on cutting-edge developments, and brings this information to the public with the vision to enlighten about how technology and innovation continue to transform our world.


    Backed by experts in various fields, DMG Productions is dedicated to education and advancement, and to consistently producing commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend.


    For more information, please visit www.AdvancementsTV.com or call 866-496-4065.

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