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ADCOLOR® Awards Head To New York City For The First Time

April 7, 2015

ADCOLOR® AWARDS HEAD TO NEW YORK CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME  Nominations are now open for the 9th Annual ADCOLOR Industry Conference & Awards September 16-19, 2015   NEW YORK, NY (April 7, 2015) – ADCOLOR® announced today that the … Continued

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Walton Isaacson Signs New CCO, VP of Media

March 13, 2015

Walton Isaacson — the New York-based multicultural shop and self-described “Planet’s Most Interesting Agency” founded by Aaron Walton, Cory Isaacson, and Magic Johnson in 2005 — made two major hires: VP of Media and Branded Integration Kirsten Atkinson and EVP/Chief Creative Officer Vida Cornelious.

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Omnicom Starts Omniwomen in U.K., Plans to Go Global

March 11, 2015

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about ADCOLOR®

ADCOLOR® is a nonprofit 501(c) (6) organization whose mission is to celebrate and champion diversity in the advertising, marketing, media, PR and entertainment industries. ADCOLOR® strives to create a network of outstanding diverse professionals and champions by honoring their accomplishments and leveraging their stories as a road map for others to follow. By highlighting the achievements of African-Americans, American Indian/Native Americans, Asian Pacific-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, members of the LGBT community and diversity and inclusion champions, ADCOLOR® aims to inspire the next generation of multicultural professionals.

Now in its ninth year, ADCOLOR® continues to make impressive strides towards the empowerment of diverse professionals at every stage of their careers with programs designed to arm them with what they need to excel in their respective industries. One of these programs is ADCOLOR® University, an intensive training program intended for entry, mid and senior level professionals. The program’s mission is to promote continued professional growth at every level.

In addition to the organization’s training program, 2014 ushered in a new FUTURES class, listed here. Launched in 2012, ADCOLOR® FUTURES is a program geared towards nurturing the industry talent of tomorrow. In partnership with ADCOLOR® Diversity Summit (ADS) member organizations, the program offers alumni from recognized industry diversity programs the chance to attend—and receive an insider experience at—key ADCOLOR® events throughout the weekend and year. ADCOLOR® FUTURES is a prime reflection of our motto and a poignant reminder to all that as we rise up, we must reach back. Take a look back at the ADCOLOR Futures Class of 2012 here.



2014 ADCOLOR Awards Weekend Highlight Reel

Produced by Gros Ventre Pictures

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  • The ADCOLOR FUTURES program played a pivotal role in propelling my career forward. Having my work as an art director recognized and awarded was an amazing honor and serving on a panel in front of hundreds of industry leaders as a result of my case study team's collective talent and determination was empowering! I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing to Rise Up and Reach Back!

    Candace Queen

    Candace Queen, The University of Texas

  • I have never had such an inspiring experience where people really understood what it was like as a multicultural professional in the advertising industry. I was given the opportunity to not only display my talent during the case study competition, but as a winner I was given remarkable exposure during the Futures panel at the conference. Now not only do I know the name of the top people industry but they know my name as well.


    Amber Jackson, Grey Group

  • By itself, becoming an ADCOLOR® FUTURE was a dream come true. Then, winning the first ever case-study competition and earning a spot on a panel discussion about Millenials? Now I’m in the industry, I’ve made it happen - and I don’t plan on leaving.

    Bennett Bennett_Headshot

    Bennett Bennett, Interbrand

  • ADCOLOR® is one of the most important portals to the future of Advertising, Media and Marketing. ADCOLOR® is creative. It is forward thinking. It is provocative. It is building a community of future leaders that will take us to places we have yet to imagine. ADCOLOR® also provides a very critical link to our past. A past full of known and unsung trailblazers, whose shoulders we all stand high on today. ADCOLOR® celebrates the past and the future.

    sponsors 2

    Marc S. Strachan, Diageo North America
    2013 ADCOLOR® Unsung Hero, ADCOLOR® Board Member and Sponsor

  • I don't know any ADCOLOR Futures that didn't enjoy the conference, but for me it was life changing! A lack of diversity has been a trending topic in my life, but ADCOLOR was the chance to finally rest. No longer was it mandatory to stand out, this was the opportunity to blend in. I truly enjoyed being around so many like-minded people. The dialog and fellowship was much needed, for my soul. To be honored with the Bill Sharp Award by JWT Atlanta in partnership with the Marcus Graham Project, has been the highlight of my life. I've dreamed of one day being influential on the West Coast, and Bill Sharp has given me a name to do it under. I am inspired and honored to be an ADCOLOR Future of 2013, and I look forward to the things we will accomplish with the title.


    Shon Davis, Scripps Networks Interactive

  • Being apart of the AD COLOR FUTURES program was extremely rewarding! Over the course of four days, I was able to continue to build my love for this industry, make valuable and lasting connections and meet my, "Mentor in my Mind", NICK CANNON! I look forward to attending next years conference and adding value and diversity to the media/advertising industry.


    Empress Varnado,

  • ADCOLOR was a unique experience, both socially and professionally. Socially, I made a group of friends in the FUTURES out of a common understanding: we are all young people of color trying to break into an industry that is still adjusting to our presence. We shared our aspirations and discovered that the only impedance to our success was our own insecurity. Professionally, I was exposed to members of the industry who, like me, are probably one of the handful of minorities at their agencies, regardless of their positions. I was able to build meaningful connections with those professionals, thus ensuring a solid network for myself that I know will last the duration of my career. It was at ADCOLOR that I realized I stand for something much greater than myself, that I represent a powerful network of individuals with a passion to make a difference in the realm of advertising.


    Samuel Malave, Blue State Digital

  • Being a part of ADCOLOR Futures was truly a transformational experience. I was surrounded by aspiring multicultural advertising professionals who I was not only able to empathize with, but exchange experiences, advice, and ideas with. Not only that, but I was able to interact with the best of the best of the industry throughout the weekend gaining new perspectives and kernels of knowledge with each conversation and presentation. I can honestly say that I walked away from ADCOLOR feeling more confident about starting my career in advertising because of the various workshops, speakers, and individuals I had the opportunity of meeting. Thank you ADCOLOR.


    Leo Wong,

  • EVERYONE was nice, humble and willing to help. I've been to many conferences before but [ADCOLOR] feels like family.


    Mariam Guessous, LaunchPad Advertising

  • ADCOLOR is my professional revival. I leave the conference and award show refreshed and motivated. I'm already counting down for the next ADCOLOR.


    Haywood Watkins III, WPP

  • From the panels to acceptance speeches I've always felt that ADCOLOR reminds us all that we are not alone in this quest for change and I am truly grateful.


    Tracey Coleman, Walton Isaacson
    Associate Creative Director

  • I was extremely inspired by Kevin Carroll’s speech to the ADCOLOR Futures. ADCOLOR 2012 taught me the importance of having a mentor and ADCOLOR 2013 taught me that having a Chief Encouragement Officer is equally important. PS: I asked him to be my CEO and he said yes!

    Meron Medhanie

    Meron Medhanie, SELECT NY

  • Attending ADCOLOR® as an ADCOLOR® FUTURE was a highlight in my year. I left feeling so inspired, empowered, knowledgeable, and thankful for the opportunity to meet and connect with so many industry professionals. I truly feel like it helped re-ignite a passion for the industry that can sometimes easily fade. I look forward to the opportunity to attend again in the future!

    Kendra Curtis

    Kendra Curtis, Moxie Interactive

  • I have been a member of different groups throughout my young career. This experience causes me to believe that the training and relationships that were built during 2012 ADCOLOR® FUTURES will raise the bar for talent in our industry. I am happy that I was able to participate in year one.


    Kenji Summers, The Passport Project
    2011 ADCOLOR® Rising Star

  • The ADCOLOR® Conference was amazing. To be in Vegas as a part of the inaugural class of ADCOLOR® FUTURES for my first time at the conference is something I won't ever forget. Everything from the workshops and break out sessions to the networking opportunities and awards show was extremely impressive and I couldn't have asked for anything more beneficial. Thank you ADCOLOR®!

    troy Harris

    Troy Harris, Florida A&M University

  • ADCOLOR® was the most inspirational conference I've ever attended. It makes you want to work harder and implement a plan to leave your personal legacy on this industry.

    Danielle Wilburn

    Danielle Wilburn, Arc Worldwide - The Leo Burnett Group

  • The first word that always comes to mind when thinking about ADCOLOR® has always been “celebration.” A celebration of past executives of color that lit the torch, that made it possible for a multi-cultural millennial (such as myself) to accomplish their career and life goals. In turn, a celebration of a new generation of talent that keeps the torch burning brightly for the mentees that will follow. It’s more than your typical industry organization, it’s a family. We come from the same metaphorical place, we believe in one another, we look out for one another, and we celebrate our differences.


    Angel Suarez, USA Today’s Sport Media Group
    2008 ADCOLOR® Rising Star Honoree

  • I started with ADCOLOR® when it first began. It’s been a joy to see it grow over the years. ADCOLOR® is not just an “awards show” – its inspiration. It’s recognition. It’s a network of incredibly talented individuals. And even more than that, over the past six years it’s brought people together from all walks of life and created a family. If you value what makes our world strong (our differences) then please invest in ADCOLOR®. This organization has created a currency that’s priceless and will continue to make a difference in our industry.


    Darla Price, McCann Worldgroup
    SVP, Group Account Director

  • ADCOLOR® was introduced to me by friends & we are all advisory board members...this is family to me.


    Tiffany Hardin, Gild Creative Group
    CEO / Founder

  • ADCOLOR® is more than the typical ad industry organization, it is an extended family. It is a network of genuine people that get fired up about making a difference in the industry as well as in their communities.


    Dani Jackson, Leo Burnett USA
    Associate Producer

  • I was nominated twice for ADCOLOR® awards and didn’t win. Not winning made me wonder, what does it take to stand out in the ADCOLOR® community? So I reached out to Tiffany Warren to join and be a part of the organization. During the first meeting I was blown away by the wide array of talent in the room: creative, production, strategy, planning, media and everything in between. We could have closed the doors and established a full-service ad agency right then and there with all that talent. We are not only multicultural, we are multi-talented! With all the professional contacts and friendships I have made since that time, I realize I’m already a winner!


    Ralph Navarro, DDB Worldwide
    Director, Integrated Production Studio 8